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Theaterzirkus "Mongolfieri"

Culture and social project for children and adults Theatre-circus "Mongolfieri" presents the project Fairytales from all over the world 2016. Our theatre&circus, where professional artists are adults and children, will perform theatre-circus shows for people of your city. These shows are based on folktales from around the world. We will also give interesting master classes for people of different ages and cultures.

Perfomances will take place in our colourful circus tent. All performances are notable for their high level of professionalism and for their bright clowning.

The meeting of our cultures can contribute to the fairy tale in the lives of many children and bring hope and faith in their hearts.
We took part in different festivales and projects in Switzerland (, Italy ( ,, Poland (,

We believe that the atmosphere of peace and good of our performances will live in your  hearts for a long time.

If you are interested in our performance or may take us in your city in August 2016 please contact:
Larisa Markina - director of theatre-circus "Mongolfieri".(+7(951)649-32-88)
Julia Lelenkova - responsible for project "Fairy tales from all over the world 2016" (+7(911)201-28-88)

We look forward to seeing your answer. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance!
Yours faithfully,                                                                                  
Theatre-circus "Mongolfieri"

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